Why do we need Brand Positioning?

Brand Positioning is the development of a proposal and brand image, which are aimed at forming or consolidating the competitive position of the brand in a particular market. Positioning a brand is not possible for everyone because it dilutes the brand image. Brand position must be articulated and unwavering. The main goal of positioning is to differentiate against the background of competitors and strengthen its position.

Brand positioning concept

Every company, even if it’s a small firm, needs a clear positioning strategy. This is useful both for the employees of the company (they better understand what the brand’s task is and how to better connect with customers), and for the consumers themselves (they know why the brand is better than others, and what benefits they will gain).

The first step

It is choosing the right strategy. The competitiveness of the brand and the presence of loyal consumers depend on this. We have identified the main strategies for brand positioning in the market. These strategies are suitable for both new companies and brands looking to enter a new market or take a larger share.

Let’s have a look at the main strategies:

Competitive positioning

This positioning strategy is based on opposing the brand to a competitor from which it is planned to win back market share. A brand can be perceived as being the opposite of a competitor or superior in quality. This brand positioning strategy is used against market leaders by those companies that occupy 2-3 places. Competitive positioning considers the weaknesses of the leading company and builds on unsatisfied consumer desires.

Category positioning

When developing brand positioning in a specific category, the marketing campaign focuses on promoting the brand as a leader in a specific product category. This strategy is especially useful when creating a new market. Such positioning will be successful only if the company has:

  • innovative solution for the market;
  • the product has unique properties;
  • there is a demand for a new approach to solving the problem.

Positioning for benefit

This type of brand positioning can be based on both emotional (the desire to stand out, become better, self-assertion) and rational (to be healthier, protect yourself, save money) benefits. Positioning should give an unambiguous answer to the buyer’s question “What will I get by choosing this brand?”

This strategy has low efficiency in highly competitive markets, where the proposed benefits quickly become irrelevant. all companies start to copy each other.

There are many more different strategies of brand positioning, our specialists will be glad to help you with choosing and implementing it at