Bookstore branding style

Brand recognition and attitude of buyers to it largely depend on the design of the bookstore. Also, identity solves several additional tasks. It greatly simplifies the development of a bookstore chain and significantly reduces advertising costs.

A large assortment and loyal pricing policy is not enough to occupy your niche and successfully compete on the market. Efforts should be made to create a comfortable atmosphere for visitors to read and buy books. This is exactly the task that the retail design of the bookstore solves.

The development of a corporate identity for a bookstore is based on several factors. Want to know more about this? Ask Aromto professionals for help!

Bookstore logo

The bookstore logo can be safely called the brand’s signature. An eye-catching and memorable emblem performs several functions inherent only to it. It sets the store apart from competitors, informs about the level of service, and increases customer confidence in the brand.

Bookstore logo may be:

  • Signboard. It attracts the attention of potential buyers and forms an overall brand image.
  • Showcase. Performs an advertising role – informs the audience about discounts, new editions of books, and the store’s assortment.
  • Pointers. They draw attention to new products and services to navigate visitors around the sales area.
  • Discount cards. They remind potential buyers of the brand, allow them to receive discounts, bonuses, and participate in promotions.
  • Flyers, booklets, catalogs. Informs about the events held by the company.
  • Souvenir products. Promote brand confidence.


A short and capacious motto informs about the philosophy of the brand and creates a certain emotional image in the minds of the target audience. The slogan is easy to remember and evokes strong associations with the brand. This element of identity is equally necessary for both a large bookstore chain and a small bookstore.

When developing a corporate identity and logo for a bookstore, a professional assessment of the factors affecting the loyalty of visitors is very important. We suppose the devil’s in the details, isn’t it?