Albert Einstein’s advice: How to achieve success

We are sure that Einstein’s advice will be interesting and extremely useful for everyone who reads them!

Focus on one thing!

There is a saying “it is impossible to ride two horses at the same time.” You can do it, but it shouldn’t be simultaneous. Therefore, you need to focus on what you are doing at this moment. After all, energy that is focused is a tremendous strength and a path to success.


The great word is imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Imagination is a sure sign of intelligence. Through your imagination, you can define any future. Therefore, do not let your imagination be idle. Use it.

Be curious!

I have no special talents. I’m just really curious. Follow your curiosity and trust it. I have always wondered why some succeed and some stay where they are. So I spent many years trying to clarify the concept of “success” for myself. Saturating your curiosity is the current secret of success.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes!

A person who never makes mistakes often never tries anything new. Don’t be afraid to be wrong. A mistake is not a problem. Mistakes can be of great benefit, make you wiser, if you can learn from them, of course. Therefore, allow yourself to make mistakes.

Live in the present!

I try not to think about the future – it is already inevitable. You need to live in the present as much as possible. Don’t think about the future, don’t look back and take everything from the present. Therefore, you need to concentrate your forces right now.

Knowledge comes with experience!

But information is not knowledge. Experience is the main source of knowledge. Knowledge is gained only through experience. You can discuss various problems, tasks, news, but this can only give you a theoretical understanding. And for real knowledge, you need to do something with your own hands. Therefore, do not replace true knowledge with theory, you need to go and do it yourself. And get your precious experience.

Improve your talents!

Chasing success doesn’t guarantee you success. Therefore, don’t waste your time trying to be successful. And in return, improve your talents and skills. This will give you tremendous benefits among others. If you are worth something, you will become successful.

Change your plan if you feel that something is wrong!

It’s just crazy to do something over and over again, without changing anything, in the hope of some kind of result. Therefore, if you need to change something and get a different result, you need to change something directly in the process! Change both actions and thinking! Only in this case will something change.


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